Bayelsa/Kogi: INEC condemns violence, assures voters of fair, credible conclusion  - BayelsaKogi INEC condemns violence assures voters of fair credible conclusion 640x336 - INEC pledges credible rerun elections in all polling units

INEC pledges credible rerun elections in all polling units

Okoye also assured that elections would hold as planned in all affected areas.

“The Commission is conducting Court ordered rerun elections in 28 Constituencies in 11 States of the federation.

“Six of the elections involves entire constituencies while 22 will take place in few polling units across the 11 states.

“The Commission has deployed sensitive and non-sensitive materials to the affected areas.

“The Commission has trained the ad-hoc staff and other categories of staff required for the conduct of smooth and transparent elections.

“The Commission is determined to conduct credible elections in all the constituencies,” said the national commissioner.

Okoye added that INEC had engaged the political parties and the candidates on acceptable electoral behaviour.

The security agencies have committed to professional security deployment and protection of voters and election officials.

“Every polling unit and constituency is on the Commission’s watch list. The Commission will not under any circumstance tolerate or condone acts or conduct aimed at undermining the integrity of the election.

“The Commission had warned that elections will be suspended in areas where there is likelihood of breakdown of law and order or where there is substantial disruption of the process.”

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Okoye therefore urged all stakeholders in the elections in affected areas to play by the rules and shun violence.

We (INEC) implore the Political Parties and the candidates to show political maturity and conduct themselves in a manner that inspires confidence in the electoral process.

“We also implore the voters to shun unwholesome electoral practices and assist the commission in the task of sustaining electoral democracy,” he said.

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