- Gentleman 758180 300x300 - MUSIC: Lumynors O’ven – Gentleman

MUSIC: Lumynors O’ven – Gentleman

- Gentle 2Bman 758180 - MUSIC: Lumynors O’ven – Gentleman

Olumide Olanrewaju Steven Oyibokure also known as Lumynors O’ven is an exceptional music artiste,a vocal power house and a dynamic song writer.

After the successful release of his singles “Ijo” and “Tele mi”, Lumynors O’ven is back with a brilliant cover from the chat smashing love song “Gentleman” by Ric Hassani.

Often times you listen to certain songs,they immediately resonate with you and you get inspired to record an album,that was exactly how I felt when I first heard “Gentleman” by Ric Hassani.

I didn’t plan to do a cover,but I guess there are somethings you might regret not doing,especially when you had the chance to do them. Writing and recording the cover was quite an interesting experience for me. You never can tell,i might do more covers in the near future… lol.

Lumynors O’ven is currently putting finishing touches to his album project.

Listen to this amazing cover and share it with the World.

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