MUSIC: Arred XL – No Joke


    MUSIC: Arred XL - No Joke 1

    Arred XL is a recording artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. His sound could be described as a driven, direct and charismatic blend of reggae and R&B music. He is able to bring the best of both worlds together, making for a very special approach to songwriting and composition, where creativity definitely takes the upper hand.

    Check out the artist’s brand new release  “No Joke” with DaGuestPro Studios , which stands out as a really prime example of his skills and attitude. The groove of the track is electrifying and engaging, combining a great beat with melodies that are easy to relate to and quick to sink deeper into your mind, so you’ll find yourself humming along really quickly! On the other hand, the track also has a really intuitive personal vibe, which really adds to the personality of this release, highlighting the artist’s unique quirks and creative vision.

    Find out more about Arred XL and do not miss out on “No Joke” and other exciting releases from this artist and performer.


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